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Winery Passport is your free mobile wine tasting tour guide. Discover locally made wine from more than 5,000 wineries in the United States & Canada. Save with exclusive offers from Recommended Wineries. Stamp your passport with each visit and record details (a favorite wine, photo & rating) in your personal journal. Winery Passport is available for download on the iPhone, iPod touch & Android.



My wife and I were at a wine tasting in New Jersey when it was time to stamp our paper passport books. The problem was we had forgotten our passports at home. The winery owner offered us new ones, but then we'd have to carry around two books. I thought, "why not put the winery passport on your most personal device?" Winery Passport launched a few months later in August 2013.

Our goals are simple: to help you find wine tasting rooms, wherever you are, and to catalog those visits. Stamp your passport at each winery, then record details of the visit, including a rating, photo, favorite wines and other notes, in your journal. We also connect you with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter to share your tasting experience, and to see theirs.

Winery Passport is your free mobile wine tasting companion. The app features nearly 5,000 wineries from across the United States and Canada. Download for free on your iPhone, iPod touch and Android.

BakBurner Digital

    Winery Passport is the first of two Passport apps released by BakBurner Digital, LLC. The second is Brewery Passport, an app for finding brewery tasting rooms across the U.S. and Canada. Brewery Passport is available on iTunes and Android. Learn more about BakBurner Digital, a company that also supports safe, responsible wine consumption.


Do you own or represent a winery? If so, get in touch if you're interested in:

1. Getting your winery listed in Winery Passport
2. Increasing your winery's exposure within the app
3. Communicating with those who have visited your tasting room
4. Getting in-depth analytics on your tasting room visitors

Winery Passport offers the perfect niche audience you're targeting: wine-minded consumers intent on visiting wineries. Please email us and we'll gladly send you some more information.



Search for wineries nearby, on a map or by state or province across the United States and Canada -- more than 4,000.


Save with exclusive offers from Recommended Wineries — in their listing and your message center.


Stamp your passport at each winery. Then share your latest wine tasting via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.


Stockpile badges as you stamp your passport. The more you stamp, the more distinct badge you’ll earn.


Store tasting details (rating, favorite wines, notes & photo) in your "certified" Passport journal.


Share your journal with friends and family and see theirs, too.


See your stamp stats to find out how many (and which) wineries you've visited.


Save wineries you'd like to visit by adding them to your winery wish list.


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